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Home » India Travel » Maharashtra » Maharashtra Sightseeing » Nashik
Maharashtra Sightseeing - Nashik
Ramkund Accommodation
RamkundThis holy tank is 27 m by 12 m and was built in 1696 by Chitrarao Khatarkar. It is believed that Rama and Sita used to bathe in this tank during their exile. It is in this tank of holy water or kund that religious Hindus even today, immerse a dead person's ashes so that the soul of the dead person can attain moksha or liberation. The ashes of numerous personalities such as Pandit Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Y B Chavan and others have been immersed at Ramkund

Muktidham Temple Accommodation

Muktidham TempleThis famous temple is located near Nashik station, just 7 kms from the city. The Muktidham Temple is pure white, the colour signifying holiness and peace. White Makrana marble was used to build this temple which has very unusual architecture. Unique to this temple are the 18 chapters of the Gita written on the walls. A visit to this temple by Hindus is considered as a visit to the 4 dhams or holy centres.


Changdeo Temple Accommodation

Changdeo Temple The Changdeo temple is located at a beautiful natural location in the back water area of the Hatnur dam. This also marks the confluence of the Tapi and Purna rivers. The temple is given Protected Monument status by ASI India for its rich design and exposition of classical ancient art.

Getting there:
By Air: The nearest airport is Aurangabad. By Rail: The nearest railhead is Jalgoan
By Road: The monument is located off the NH-6 and is approximately 30 kms from Jalgoan.

Bhandardara Accommodation

BhandardaraBhandardara is a place which is particularly beautiful after the rains. Located around 70 kms from Nashik, a picturesque and quiet drive will get you there. Built in 1926, the Bhandardara Dam is one of the oldest dams in Asia and is known for its Umbrella Falls - an arresting sight. There is another waterfall known as the Randha Falls which is about 11 kms from the dam. Scaling the well-known Kalsubai Peak, the highest peak of Maharashtra state on the Sahyadri range, standing 1,646 metres above sea level, is a good trek.

Getting there:
By Air: Nearest airport is Mumbai. By Rail: Igatpuri, 45 kms on Central Railway is the railhead.
By Road: Mumbai-Bhandardara, 185 kms. Pune-Bhandardara, 191 kms.

Shirdi Accommodation

Shirdi122 kms from Nashik is the abode of one of Maharashtra's most revered saint -- Sai Baba of Shirdi. Popularly known as the 'Child of God', Sai Baba preached tolerance towards all religions and the message of universal brotherhood. Every activity at Shirdi revolves around the vast temple complex dedicated to Sai Baba. Devotees start queuing up in the early hours of dawn to catch a glimpse and seek the blessings of the life-size statue of Sai Baba. Thursday is marked by special pujas and darshan of the Sai Baba statue.

Getting there:
By Air: Nearest airports are Pune (185 kms) and Aurangabad (125 kms)
By Rail: The nearest railway station is Manmad (60 kms) on the Central Railway, which is connected to many parts of the country with express trains. Most of the trains touching Nashik Road railway station also touch Manmad. By Road: The easiest way to get to Shirdi is by bus. Direct buses are available from various places.

Trimbakeshwar Accommodation

TrimbakeshwarThe village of Trimbak, 36 kms from Nashik, is famous for the Trimbakeshwar Temple and as the source of the Godavari River. Trimbakeshwar enshrines one of the 12 jyotirlingas dedicated to Shiva and this one is considered to be the main jyotirlinga. Legend has it that Guatam Rishi performed a rigorous ritual of prayer and penance or tapasya to Shiva on Brahmagiri Hill which rises above the present-day temple. Pleased with this devotion, Shiva is said to have blessed him and brought down to earth from heaven the sacred rivers of Ganga, Gautami and Godavari.

Getting there:
By Air: Nearest airport is Mumbai.
By Rail: Nearest railhead is Nashik – 44 kms, on Central Railway and there are a number of convenient trains that connect other cities and towns
By Road: Mumbai-Trimbakeshwar 180 kms. Nashik – Trimbakeshwar 28 kms. State Transport buses ply between Nashik – Trimbakeshwar frequently.

Saptashringi Devi Temple Accommodation

Saptashringi Devi Temple The temple of goddess Saptashringi resides 55 kms from Nashik at Wani. As you approach the temple a large rocky hill greets you. This is Saptashringi Hill. The goddess is known to have possessed 18 weapons in 18 hands and is positioned ready to fight the demons. The journey to the temple also has some interesting sights to offer. On the way, you can stop at the Maharashtra Engineering Research Institute (MERI) or at Sitakund at Mhasrul village. This is the site where Sita the wife of Rama used to bathe. This destination is filled with stories and legends connected to the Ramayana.

Getting there:
By Air: Nearest airport is Mumbai. By Rail: Nearest railhead is Nashik. By Road: Saptshrungi Gad is about 250 kms away from Mumbai, 60 kms away from Nasik.

Nandurmadhmeshwar Accommodation

NandurmadhmeshwarSituated 60 kms from Nashik is a bird-lover's paradise. Aptly called Maharashtra's Bharatpur, a wonderful bird sanctuary has been developed here since 1950. Today, Nandurmadhmeshwar is haven to thousands of beautiful migratory birds. The ideal season to bird watch is from October to March.

Getting there:
It is easily accessible by road from Nashik

Jawhar Accommodation

JawharOne of the few tribal kingdoms in Maharashtra, Jawhar, at 518 m, is famous for its vibrant Warli paintings. It invites you to forget your daily grind and all the turmoils that go with it. Jawhar is blessed with exotic dales, rich forests and a wonderful climate. Jai Vilas, the palace of the tribal lords, and the relics of Bhupatgad are worth a visit. The scenic beauty of the Dadar Kopra Falls, the enchanting Hanuman and Sunset Points .all explain why Jawhar is known as the 'Mahabaleshwar of Thane District'. Nearby is Shirpamal, where Shivaji camped on his way to Surat.

Getting there:
Nasik is the nearest airport. Three convenient railheads are Nasik, Igatpuri and Dahanu. From Mumbai it is 180 kms by road, 80 kms from Nasik, 39 kms from Kasa and 56 kms from Tribakeshwar.

Dudhasagar Waterfalls Accommodation

Dudhasagar WaterfallsThis is one of the more picturesque spots around Nashik. Cascading 10 m into the valley at Someshwar are the Dudhasagar Waterfalls. The spumes from the waterfall appear milky white and hence the name dudha or milk. You can reach the waterfall easily as there are steps cut into the rock. This spot is particularly beautiful just after the rains.

Getting there:
It is easily accessible by road from Nashik.

Narshankar Temple Accommodation

Narshankar Temple The Naroshankar Temple, built in 1747 with the architectural style ‘Maya’ has striking sculptures of exuberant designs drawn from flora and fauna carved on the outer side. The renowned ‘Naroshanksr Bell’ fixed here is a prime attraction.

Getting there:
By Air: Nearest airport is Aurangabad. By Rail: Nearest railhead is Nashik By Road: The temple is only from Pune to Naroshankar.

Omkareshwar Mandir Accommodation

Omkareshwar MandirOne of the very famous and beautiful temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, is situated at Jai Nagar in Jalgoan. Shivratri, Shravni Somvar, Ramnavmi and Golashtami are the major festivals celebrated here.

Getting there:
By Air: Nearest airport is Aurangabad. By Rail: Nearest railhead is Jalgoan By Road: The temple is only 1 km from Jalgoan city.

Pandavleni Caves Accommodation

Pandavleni CavesPandavleni Caves are a group of caves, on a tableland, atop the Trvashmi Hill. Situated 8 kms south of Nashik, these 2000-year-old caves house the idols of Buddha and Bodhisattvas. These caves were also the abode of Jain saints and the interiors were used as a popular meeting place for discourses. The caves have an excellent arrangement for water, with skillfully chiseled water tanks, exquisitely cared into the rocks. Cave no.3 is a large ‘Vihara noted for its magnificent sculptures.

Getting there:
By Air: The nearest airport is Aurangabad By Rail: Nearest railhead is Nashik, 8 kms.
By Road: Buses are available from Nashik city to the caves.

Shani-Shingnapur Accommodation

Shani-ShingnapurSahni-Shingnapur village is well known among pilgrims for its dedication to Shani the planet Saturn. The village is also an attraction because all houses have neither doors nor locks and even Lord Shani does not like being covered; hence there is no temple structure. The unique feature of the temple here is that there is neither any image of a specific deity nor any particular idol, but there is a self-formed stone pillar, which is worshipped with profound reverence. Thousands of people including famous personalities gather here on Shani Amavasaya and round the year.

Getting there:
By Air: Nearest Airport is Pune By Rail: Nearest Railway station is Srirampur. By Road: Route- Mumbai-Pune, Ahemnagar-Shani Shingnapur (330 kms approx.)

Sita Gumpha Accommodation

Sita Gumpha Sita Gumpha (Cave) is situated at the western side door of the Kalaram Temple. Lord Ram’s consort, Sita is said to have been abducted by Ravana from this place. The cave has a famous Shivling wich is worshipped by many visitors from all over India.

Getting there:
By Air: Nearest airport is Aurangabad By Rail: Nearest railhead is Nashik. By Road: The temple is only 2 kms from the Central bus stand. Buses ply from Pune to Sita Gumpha.

Shri Siddhivinayak (Siddhatek) Accommodation

Shri Siddhivinayak (Siddhatek)Shri Siddhivinayak (Siddhatek) is one of the famous Asthavinayak in Maharashtra and houses the Swayambhu idol of Ganesha, trunk turned right. The Pradakshana (circumnavigation) of this God, which is about 5 kms is said to be very fruitful and is performed religiously by devotees.

Getting there:
By Air: Nearest airport is Pune. By Rail: The nearest station is Daund. From here, Siddhatek is a distance of 180kms. By Road: State Transport buses are available from Swargate bus depot and Shivajinagar bus stand in Pune. State Transport buses are available up to Shirpur which is 1 km before Siddhatek

Swinging Towers of Farkande Accommodation

Swinging Towers of FarkandeThe Swinging Towers of Farkande, which are locally known as Jhulte Minar, are a pair of 250-year-old towers situated on the banks of the Utawadi River in Jalgoan. This 15 m high structure, which testifies to the shills of olden-day artisans, is noteworthy for the fact that if one of the towers is shaken, the other also starts swaying.

Getting there:
By Air: The nearest airport is Aurangabad. By Rail: The nearest railhead is Jalgoan By Road: The monument is located off the NH-6 and is approximately 30 kms from Jalgoan

Toranmal Accommodation

ToranmalTucked away in the Stauda Mountains at an altitude of 1461 m., Toranmal is one the most peaceful places on earth. Toranmal is situated 400 kms . from Dhule district and has a pleasant and cool climate even dring the summer season. There aretwo temples dedicated to Gorakhnath and Nagarjun, where a fair is held on Mahashivratri day.

Getting there:
BY Air: Nearest airport is Aurangabad. By Rail: Nearest railhead is Nandurbar, 7 kms. On the Surat-Bhusawal line of the Western Railway. A more convenient railhead is Dhule, 128 kms.
By Road: Mumbai-Toranmal via Dhule Shahada, 510 kms. Dhule-Toranmal, 128 kms. State Transport buses ply from Dhule, Nandurbar and Shahada to Toranmal.


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