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Home » India Travel » Maharashtra » Maharashtra Sightseeing » Aurangabad
Maharashtra Sightseeing - Aurangabad
Ajanta Caves & Elloar Caves Accommodation

Ajanta CavesThe Ajanta caves were first mentioned in the writings of the Chinese pilgrim Huen Tsang who visited India between A.D 629 and 645. the caves wre ‘discovered’ dramatically diring the course of military maneuves being undertaken by British officers in 1819. The temples at Ajanta are ste into the rocky sides of a cresent shaped goege in the Inhyadri hills of the Sahyadri ranges. These caves found favour with Buddhist missionaries and over the next five centuries, Hindus and Jains also built their temples here. Both these caves have been declared as World Heritage sites by the UNESCO.

Getting there:
By Air: Chikhalthana airport at Aurangabad (106 kms) is nearest airfield and is directly linked to Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur and Udaipur. By Rail: Aurangabad, the closet railhead is directly connected to Mumbai, Delhi, Agra, and Bhopal. By Road: The MSRTC runs ordinary and luxury buses here to Mumbai (392 kms) prodiving connectivity to Mumbai, Delhi, Agra and Bhopal. Alternatively one could take s bus or taxi to Jalgoan (59 kms), a manline junction from where you get faster express trains to Mumbai and delhi. Eco-friendly buses ply between Ajanta and Ellora caves.

Aundha Nagnath Accommodation
Aundha NagnathThis pilgrim centre is of great significance, since it is considered to be the (adya) of the twelve Jyotirlings. It is believed that Dharmraj Yudhishthir constructed this beautiful temple during the 14 years of exile from Hastinapur. The temple of Nagnath has exquisite carvings. The temple is a showpiece over of Hemadpanti architecture andis spread over a 60,000sq.ft area. A large number of pilgrims visit this temple on Shivratri and Vijayadashmi..
Getting there:
By Air: Aurangabad, 210kms is a convenient airport. By Rail: Chondi, 21 kms. Is the convenient railhead, Mumbai – Chondi, 614 kms. By Road: Mumbai- Aundha, 579 kms. Nagpur-Aundha, 359 kms, Aurangabad – Aundha, 210 kms, State Transport buses ply from Nanded, Parbhani and Chondi to Aundha.
Bibi-ka-Maqbara Accommodation

Bibi-ka-MaqbaraLocated in Aurangabad this monument inspired by the Taj, is called the ‘Mini Taj of the Deccan’. It was built by Aurangzeb’s son, Azam Shah, in 1660 as a loving tribute ti his mother, Dilras Bano Begum. Bibi ka Maqbara is an architectural wonder with intricate designs, carved motifs, imposing structure and a beautifully landscaped Mughal-style garden complete with lush lawns, deep green cypresses and gurgling fountains.

Getting there:
By Air: The Aurangabad airport is 10 kms from the city and links the directly to Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur and Mumbai. By Rail: Aurangabad is directly linked to Pune and Mumbai. Jalgoan and Aurangabad are convenient railheads. By Road: State Transport buses run from Mumbai, Pune, Ahmednagar, Jalgoan, Shridi, Nasik and Dhule to Aurangabad.

Daulatabad Fort Accommodation

Daulatabad FortDeogiri (Daulatabad of the later period), 11 kms north-west of Aurangabad, is famous for its formidable hill fort. The fort is situated on an isolated cone-shaped hill rising abruptly from the plains to a height of about 190 metres. The Chand Minar, the Chini Mahal and the Baradari are important structures within the fort. The famous Ellora Caves are just 16 kms away from Deogiri-Daulatabad.

Getting there:
By Air: The nearest airport from Daulatabad is the Aurangabad airport, located around 10 kms east of Aurangabad city. By Rail: Aurangabad is well connected to Mumbai and other cities of the country. There are two trains that depart daily from Mumbai. By Road: Daulatabad Fort can also be reached by private taxi or by the local bus that runs between Aurangabad and Ellora.

Ghrishneshwar Accommodation

GhrishneshwarJust half a kilometer away from the Ellora Caves is the hrishneshwar temple. It enshrines one of the 12 Jyotirlings dedicated to Shiva. The temple walls are richly sculptured. Both the temple and its masory tank were built by Queen Ahilyabai Holkar, who ruled Indore from 1765 to 1795.

Getting there:
By Air: The nearest airport is Aurangabad (42 kms). By Rial: The nearest railhead is Aurangabad. By Road: Ghrishneshwar is well connected by road. It is 422 kms from Mumbai. State Transport buses ply from Aurangabad to Ghrishneshwar.

Gurudwara Hazur Sahib Accommodation
Gurudwara Hazur SahibThe Gurudwara is situated where the tenth Sikh Guru Shri Gobind Singh Breathed his last. It is called “Sachkhand Sri Hazur Abchal Nagar Sahib’. The two-storeyed building’s architectural design resembles that of the Golden Temple. Some of the sacred relics of Guru Gobind Singh, which include a golden dagger, a matchlock gun, an archer with 35 arrows two bows, a steel shield studded with precious stones and five golden swords are also preserved here. This historical shrine is situated on the banks of the Godavari River and is visited by thousands of devotees throughout the year from all India and abroad.
Getting there:
By Air: Nearest AIRPORT IS Aurangabad. By Rail: The nearest railway station is Nanded. One can board a train from Pune, Mumbai or Aurangabad. By Road: The nearest city is Aurangabad. Private Bus tours are available.
Paithan Accommodation

PaithanPaithan is located within 50 kms of Aurangabad on the Godavari river. Paithan was the home of the great Maharashtrian Saint Eknath, whose Samadhi or shrine can be found here. The town is mostly famous today for its Paithani saris. Sant Dnyneshwar Udyan and the Jaikwadi dam are located at Paithan

Getting there:
By Air: Aurangabad is linked by daily flights to Mumbai, Udaipur, Jodhpur and Delhi.
By Rail: Nearest railhead is Aurangabad, 56 kms. By Road: Paithan is connected by bus service to Aurangabad.

Lonar Crater Accommodation

Lonar Crater170 kms from Aurangabad, is the village of Lonar. Over 30,000 years ago, a falling meteorite struck the area creating the world's largest impact crater in basaltic rock. Botanists have recently discovered vegetation life forms not found anywhere else on this planet, in the stunning lake of the crater

Getting there:
There are a few state transport buses that ply between Aurangabad and Lonar, however the best way to go is by private car or taxi

Anwa Temple Accommodation

Anwa TempleA Shiva temple, with beautifully carved sculptures and decorated pillars stands in the village of Anwa, 10 kms east of Golegaon, on the main road leading from Aurangabad to the Ajanta Caves. It was built in the 12th century, and consists of a sanctuary, a mandapa or open hall with decorated pillars. The niches have exquisitely sculpted images of Vishnu, Ganesha and other divinities.

Getting there:
Close by to Ajanta, Anwa Temple can be reached by taking a well-marked diversion at Golegaon. Private car or taxi is probably the best mode of transport.

Khuldabad Accommodation
KhuldabadIn the 14th century, several Sufi saints of the Chishti order, chose to reside in Khuldabad or the Abode of Eternity. The dargah, or tomb of Moinuddin Chishti, the spiritual guide of the Mughal emperor, Aurangzeb, is within this sacred complex. The austere emperor himself rests nearby, in a grave as simple as that of a common
man's, in striking contrast to the grand mausoleums of his predecessors. Eloquent testimony to Aurangzeb's simplicity is the inscription on his plain tombstone: "No marble sheets should shield me from the sky as I lie there one with the earth."

Getting there:
Khuldabad is a part of the MTDC tour to Ellora. It can also be reached by private taxis.
Pardheshwar Temple Accommodation

Pardheshwar TempleThe Mrityunaj Pardheshwar temple of Lord Shiva was built in Paithan. The temple is one of the biggest in the country and its unique attraction is ahuge mercury stone weighing 250 kgs.

Getting there:
By Air: Nearest airport is Aurangabad. By Rail: Nearest railhead is Parbhani. By Road: Parbhani is 552 kms from Mumbai. Vehicles are available from the of Parbhani to the temple.

Parali Vaijnath Accommodation

Parali VaijnathParali is well-known for the shrine of Vaijnath containing one of the famous twelve Jyotirlings of India. It is 26 kilometers from Ambejogai in the Beed district. Legend has it that Yogeshwari of Ambejogai was married to Lord Vaidyanatha of Parali. But by the time the marriage party reached, the auspicious time of the wedding had passed. As result the people of the marriage party turned into stone statues.

Getting there:
By Air: Nearest airport is Aurangabad. By Rail: Nearest railway sataion is Parli Vaijnath. By Road: Nearest city is Aurangabad, 240 kms.

Shri Kshetra Tuljapur Accommodation

Shri Kshetra TuljapurThe Kulswamini Tuljabhavani is present at Shri Kshetra Tuljapur. This is the ancient temple situated 45 kms away from Solapur city. Out of three and a half Shaktipith. There are many small and large temples in the configuration around this temple. Newly married couples often visit this temple.

Getting there:
By Air: Nearest airport is Aurangabad, 257 kms. By Rail: Nearest railahead is Solapur on South Central Railway. By Road: Mumbai – Tuljapur, 452 kms. Via Solapur. Aurangabad – Tuljapur, 257 kms. Solapur – Tuljapur, 40 kms. Osmanabad – Tuljapur 19 kms.


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