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Karnataka - Fairs & Festivals
Kerala - Fairs & FestivalsKerala - Fairs & FestivalsKerala - Fairs & FestivalsKerala - Fairs & Festivals
Karnataka - a captivating land of colorful festivals. Where all regions and all religions have their own festivals and fairs. where all the victories and triumphs of Gods and Kings alike are celebrated to this day, with the same zeal and enthusiasm as in the days gone by.

So whenever, whatever time, season or day in Karnataka a festival awaits you. To charm you with its quaint rituals, and make your visit special. These fabulous fairs and festivals of are a celebration of life in all its infinite variety. Some of them being exclusive to Karnataka vibrate with color, grandeur and gaiety. Every hamlet and village, every town and city has its own calendar of events to be celebrated.

Pattadakal dance Festival
The village of Pattadackal, 20 kms from Badami in Karnataka, is situated on the left bank of the Malaprabha River. A World Heritage Centre and has 10 major temples representing both north and South Indian architectural traditions.

The Pattadakal Dance Festival is held every year to celebrate the temples of Pattadackal. It is organised by the Government of Karnataka. The 'Nrithyotsava' draws many famous dancers and is accompanied by a craft mela.

Mysore Dassara
The Dussehra of Mysore or Mysore Dasara as it is eminently called is a 10-day long festival. On the day of Dussehra, a procession of caparisoned elephants carrying the idol of goddess Chamundi is taken through the city.

Mysore Dussera is renowned for its pomp. Dasara is observed as State festival - Nadahabba, because of the celebration of the festival is steered by the Royal Family of Mysore. The royal family of Mysore performs special Pooja on the occasion of Dasara. During Dasara, the entire City is decorated and illuminated. Cultural programmes by famous artists are arranged in the Palace along with Sports, Wrestling, Poet's meet, Food Festival, Film Festival witnessed by a large number of people.

Hampi Utsav
The Hampi/Vijayanagar Festival organized in December is typified by music, drama, dance fireworks, puppet shows, and spectacular processions-all combining to recreate the grandeur of a bygone era.

Hampi Festival (Vijaya Utsav): The ruins of Hampi come alive with the strains of music and sounds of dance when the State Government holds the Vijaya Utsav to recreate the grandeur of the erstwhile Vijayanagar Empire and a bygone era. Similar festivals are held at Halebid, Pattadakal, Karavalli and Lakkundi. Other district festivals are held in consultation with the District Commissioners of different Districts.

Godachi Fair
Godachi Fair is organized at Ramdurg near Belgaum. This fair is held in honor of Shri Veerabhadra around October / November. Shri Veerabhadra is believed to be one of the imperative attendant spirits of Lord Shiva.

Banashankari Devi Fair
Banashankari Devi fair near Badami is held annually in January on the full moon day and lasts for 10 to 12 days. Rathotsava is an important item of the fair. Agricultural implements, utensils and other articles of domestic needs are put up for sale and the villagers make many of their purchases at this fair.

Yellu Amavasya
Yellu Amavasya is observed on new moon day in the month of December and it marks the culmination of the Kharif season. On this day the villagers visit the Maruto temple and in the noon the members of the households go to their respective fields taking along with them a variety of dishes like Holige, bread from bajra flour, a vegetable curry, butter, etc. They pick up five smooth stones from their fields and worship them. Later, a small quantity of the a variety of dishes brought by them is thrown in various directions in the field as a symbol of offerings. The members of the family then sit together in their field along with their guests and partake of the food.

Tula Sankramana
Come October, the people of Kodagu look forward to this annual festival. It is believed that Goddess Cauvery appears in the form of a sudden upsurge of water in a small tank to give darshan to the innumerable devotees gathered here. This event is known as theerthodbhava and is celebrated with much festivity in Kodagu. Thousands flock to witness the event and seek the Goddess's blessings, bathe in her waters and carry back bottles full of holy water from the source of the river.
Date: October 17th


Kambala (Buffalo Race) : When the fields are flush with water, buffaloes race down a slushy track, egged on by a strong-muscled farmer who surfs his way down the track behind the beasts while balancing precariously on a trailing wooden plank. A riot of colour, frenzied cheers and shining torsos slick with sweat mark this annual sporting event where the prize goes to the swiftest. Get swept away by the enthusiasm of the Kambala buffalo race, a rural sport in southern coastal Karnataka, which originally began as a royal pastime and was later continued by the feudal lords of the Tulu region.

Buffalo Racing Season
From November to March in Baradi Beedu, Bolantur, Kolatta Majalu, Bajagoli, Puttur, Kamalakatte and Uppinangadi.


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