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Karnataka - Adventure & sports
Wind surfing Kayaking ParasailingCanoeing
White Water Rafting
As Karnataka is blessed with several rivers adventure sports such as white water rafting is popular. Regions like Kemphole, Honnemaradu, Sitanadi, Gokarna, Netravati, Dandeli, Marawanthe beach; Karwar and Devbagh are the jaunts for trying out water rafting. River Cauvery, Kali River and backwaters of Shravathi provide the opportunity to indulge in water adventure sports such as, kayaking, water banana or water sledging, corralling and others.
Probably this is the most famous adventure sport in Karnataka. For nature enthusiasts this is the best possible way to discover the natural beauty of Karnataka. The numerous hills and forests enable the adventurers to go for trekking in Karnataka. Travelers will find trekking trails in Coorg, Chikamagalur, Canara, Shimoga and Hassan. The mountain peaks of Kudremukh, Kumara Parvatha, narasimha Parvatha, Kodachari and others help the trekkers to indulge in their favorite sport. For this adventure sport too there are several organizations or clubs that can help the interested travelers.
Rock Climbing
Rock climbing is another popular adventure sports in Karnataka. Places like Tumkur, Kanakpura, Savanadurga, Turahalli and Kabbaldurg are some of the places where rock climbers may drop in. some of these destinations are suitable for both beginners and professional climbers. Bouldering is also on the cards as an option. The Hampi ruins and Badami are the perfect places to try out this activity. Besides these the haven for rock climbers is Yana. All these places are accessible from Bangalore. There are several clubs that organize rock climbing in Karnataka.
Parasailing is a water sport commonly indulged in beaches and sea side resorts. The sailor is strapped to a parachute which in turn is attached by a harness to a motor boat or some such small vessel. As the boat speeds, the sailor takes off into the air. This highly recreational sport is one of the primary adventure sports in karnataka many beaches.
The presence of the Arabian Sea around Karnataka has blessed the place with several water bodies that are instrumental in promoting an adventure sport like Angling. Dakshin Kannada, Shimoga, Kodagu, Uttar Kannada and Chikmagalur are some of places where the nature enthusiasts can go for fishing or Angling. Several measures have been taken to stop river and sea pollution so that the marine life can thrive.
Aero sports
Paragliding, micro light flying and Para jumping are the popular aero sports in Karnataka. In places like Bangalore and in the adjacent area of Nandi hills are well known sites for indulging in such outdoor activities. Aero sports contests are held in Karnataka as well where people from all over the world come to participate.
Yana is paradise for adventurers. The landscape of this place is perfect for a variety of adventure sports including trekking, rock climbing and water rafting. For nature enthusiasts this places to be. Trekking trails are located around cave temples and other ruins. The presence of the Chandrika River has made water sports possible. Besides being a hotspot for the adventure lovers. Yana is also frequented by pilgrims
Bird Watching
From herons to bulbuls-a wide variety of birds are found in Karnataka. This is the reason why the state has evolved as a favorite haunt for bird watchers. For some it is hobby while the others can try it out for the very first time in Karnataka. The numerous sanctuaries encourage this activity.

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